Some CMP3 users have reported that printing PDFs from Dash results in images that are shrunk. This is an issue for pages where exact size is important. We have identified several printer settings (on the user side) that can contribute to shrinking the image. Please note the following:

When printing PDFs from Dash, many assets must be produced at exact size. This is especially true for CMP3 Labsheets where measurement is important, such as Fraction Strips and Centimeter Grid Paper. For best results, please use the Chrome browser and check the following print settings to assure that the Labsheets are printed at the correct size:

  • Size of printing is set to 100% (not "Fit to page")
  • Margin setting is None (not "Default")
  • Additional Headers and Footers are disabled
When printing from Safari, setting the margin to 0 requires creating a custom page size. Even in this setting, Safari still includes a small border margin around the outside of the page, shrinking the image. Please adjust for this by printing the page at 105% (with no margins and no header/footer).

Other browsers may require additional adjustments. If you are unsure how to proceed, please contact Tech Support at 800-234-5832