Some CMP3 Dash users are seeing alerts that their Dash products will expire soon, even though their school or district recently adopted or purchased CMP3 (this is especially true if a school or district has purchased the product following a pilot). If you're seeing these warnings, don't worry: your product is not expiring! You can stop the alerts by momentarily removing your products from your bookshelf and then adding them back. Here are some simple instructions. 

1.  First, login to Dash, select the Dash menu at upper left, and select "Teacher Content." 
2.  Next, select the trash can icon and then select the item(s) on your bookshelf that you received an alert for. If you don't remember which items had an alert, select all of your products. 
3.  Next, select the trash can and then select "Remove" to remove these products from your bookshelf. PLEASE NOTE:  Your notes, highlights, class set ups, and any other work/ customization you may have made to the content within DASH will not be lost during this process. This process just resets the licensing to the newly acquired license pool. 
4. Now add the products back by selecting the Dash menu, selecting "Teacher Content," and selecting the plus (+) sign. 
5. Click the circle(s) next to the product(s) you just removed from your bookshelf, and select "Subscribe" to add them back to your bookshelf.  Again, all your notes, highlights, and classes will be in place and the alerts will no longer appear.