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PEARSON High School Mathematics

To assist you with Back to School tasks like Bulk Uploads and Class Rostering, we have created 5 new tutorials.  Each one is mobile device ready with a short description below:

Admin BTS 2014 Intro: Your Roadmap
This introduction is the beginning of a series to help you understand the steps and order to follow to bulk upload student accounts and roster classes across our digital curriculum systems including Pearson SuccessNet, Pearson Realize, SuccessNet Plus, Dash and eTexts for School.  

Admin BTS 2014 Getting Started 
This tutorial covers how to request an administrator account, find training, and support for our digital curriculum systems.

Admin BTS 2014 Do you have users in the system?
This tutorial covers how to figure out if you have existing teacher and student accounts in the system. 

Admin BTS 2014 Export in PSN and Class Roster in Realize
This tutorial covers how to take your student accounts that you bulk uploaded in Pearson SuccessNet and take them to Pearson Realize to do class rostering. 

Admin BTS 2014 How to Update Accounts and Manage Duplicates on SuccessNet - This tutorial explains how to update student accounts on PSN and manage duplicate users.